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News articles

Cedar Ridge Elementary close to recycling goal, prize

Cedar Ridge Elementary School is in the lead in a contest to win a recycled playground. The Grovetown school is one of the top collectors in the Capri Sun Milestone Contest, put on by TerraCycle and Capri Sun. Students have … Continue reading

Columbia County News-Times · Oct 14, 2015

Schools team up to win new playground

The Capri Sun Milestone Program is an extension of The Drink Pouch Brigade, a free national recycling program sponsored by TerraCycle and Capri Sun. Since 2007, thousands of Drink Pouch Brigade participants have kept almost 235 million drink pouches out … Continue reading

Archdale Trinity News · Oct 13, 2015

Tom Szaky on Smart Cities

This time we had an exhilarating conversation with Tom Szaky, CEO and founder of TerraCycle, an international leader in the collection and repurposing of hard-to-recycle post-consumer waste, from used chip bags to cigarette butts. Though he’s very passionate about garbage, his … Continue reading

Smart Circle · Oct 13, 2015

7 Reasons Why Recycling Is Not a Waste: A Response to The Reign of Recycling

Recycling in the United States is an economically unsustainable trend — or at least that’s what New York Times writer John Tierney recently argued in his opinion piece, “The Reign of Recycling,” published in the October 4th Sunday Review. Tierney’s … Continue reading

Sustainable Brands · Oct 13, 2015

Everyday items you didn’t know you could recycle

Toothbrushes TerraCycle recycles items that don’t quite fit the recycling bin. · Oct 13, 2015

Mega Start Up Flourishes Without Advertising

We hear how he has built a $22 million without paid advertising – Tom Szaky CEO TerraCycle. Szaky is founder and chief executive officer of TerraCycle, a company that enables consumers to collect non-recyclable waste, from used juice pouches to … Continue reading · Oct 12, 2015

Pet Products Growing Greener

WellPet makes recycling painless for consumers by partnering with TerraCycle to encourage pet owners to recycle their Wellness food packaging. “Many of our consumers recycle regularly, so we wanted to provide an easy way for consumers to recycle their pet … Continue reading

Pet Age · Oct 12, 2015

Is the “reign of recycling” really over?

The benefits vary, but after having reviewed dozens of independent life cycle analyses (including independent LCAs for TerraCycle products made from packaging waste), I have consistently found – as have various other institutions around the world – that there are … Continue reading

TreeHugger · Oct 12, 2015

Recycling initiative at Keene’s Crossing Elementary turns into race for new playground

The contest is hosted by TerraCycle, a New Jersey company dedicated to recycling and environmental awareness. TerraCycle offers a program called the Drink Pouch Brigade, in which schools or other groups collect Capri Sun or Honest Kids drink pouches and … Continue reading

West Orange Times & Windmere Observer · Oct 8, 2015

Tamper-proof cigarette bins may cut down on litter in downtown Everett

The association bought 15 new bins made from recycled plastic from a New Jersey company called TerraCycle Inc., which sells a variety of products from recycled trash and materials. Under a recycling program the company offers, TerraCycle will haul away … Continue reading

The Herald online · Oct 8, 2015