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News articles

Surfrider Pacific Rim launches into 2017

Not everyone cares about keeping the West Coast clean, which means its up to volunteers to keep local shores pristine. After riding a swell of support last year, Surfrider Pacific Rim is ready to rip into 2017. “Surfrider has built … Continue Reading

BC Local News · Feb 21, 2017

No Ifs, Ands, or Butts–this is a good idea

Did you know that storm sewers lead directly to local waterways? Now, visualize what happens during a storm every time you walk past a littered storm sewer. According to the Ocean Conservancy, cigarette litter is the number one item found during marine … Continue Reading

Explore Lake Simcoe · Feb 21, 2017

Provincetown hopes to stomp out cigarette butt litter

PROVINCETOWN — Cigarette butts will soon be transformed into pallets, railroad ties or industrial grade mulch now that the board of selectmen has accepted grant money that will allow the town’s recycling and renewable energy committee to purchase Sidewalk Buttlers … Continue Reading · Feb 20, 2017

Take the TerraCycle & Little Bites Challenge #PledgeToRecycle

Have you heard the news? Terracycle®, an international recycling company that turns waste into plastics that can be used for products such as park benches, recycling bins, a playgrounds has teamed up with Entenmann’s® Little Bites® to help eliminate waste and give you … Continue Reading

As They Grow Up · Feb 18, 2017

Fruit and Brownie Kabobs with Cream Cheese Dip

I have a teenager and a pre-teen who have recently taken up a love of cooking.  They would spend every waking moment in the kitchen baking and trying new recipes if I would let them.  We are very busy though, so … Continue Reading

A Sparkle of Genius · Feb 18, 2017

ZuZu helps reduce cigarette litter – will you?

Did you know that, according to the Ocean Conservancy,  cigarette litter is not only the #1 item found during marine clean ups, but it is also the 4th deadliest ocean trash after fishing gear, plastic bags/cutlery and balloons? In fact, … Continue Reading

ZuZu Fashion Boutique Blog Post · Feb 17, 2017

Will a Trump Administration Affect TerraCycle?

Shortly after the 2016 presidential election, I was catching up with some colleagues at TerraCycle HQ in Trenton. The conversation turned to then President-elect Donald J. Trump. The topic was centered on the question of how the new administration would … Continue Reading

Huffington Post · Feb 17, 2017

Ditch the Curb: 12 Surprising Things You Can Recycle

Avid recycler or not, you are probably throwing items away that can – and should – be recycled. “Pretty much everything that you consider to be waste from organic materials, to batteries and chip bags, can be recycled. The resources … Continue Reading

Budget Dumpster / The Fill · Feb 16, 2017

The State of the Union: Contact Lenses

The State of the Union: Contact Lenses   PRESERVING THE ENVIRONMENT     In addition to our efforts to develop new materials and bring innovative technologies to market, Bausch + Lomb also works daily to become a more environmentally sustainable … Continue Reading

Eyetube OD · Feb 16, 2017

These Eco-Friendly Products are Perfect for the Office

Many eco-friendly products that are allowing your company to become more environmentally responsible. Most business owners are often too busy to think about their impact on the environment. However, everyone’s actions will cause a reaction on Earth. For example, the environmental … Continue Reading · Feb 16, 2017