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News articles

Pivot Greenlights Original Series TERRACYCLE and WELCOME TO FAIRFAX in 2014 Read more at

Pivot (, Participant Media’s TV network targeting Millennials (18-34), announced that it has greenlit production of two original unscripted series, “TerraCycle,” premiering in Q3 2014 and “Welcome to Fairfax” for Q4 2014.

Broadway World · Jan 21, 2014

SIMPLE GREEN LIVING . . . Get green with your New Year’s resolutions

Barbara Weigand, owner of the Copper River Salon on Moore Street, integrates her eco-conscious mindset into her business at every turn. They participate in TerraCycle’s Beauty Brigade, where up to 40 different types of beauty products can be collected and … Continue Reading

Princeton Packet Online · Jan 17, 2014

New Gym Equipment from Capri Sun Big Pouch and TerraCycle

With our TerraCycle brigade, we really wanted to help him out and get some great new equipment that he could use to engage the kids even more, keeping them active as part of developing a healthy lifestyle.  We also just … Continue Reading

Simply Budgeted blog · Jan 17, 2014

Terracycle and a Commuity Garden – Good Things Come to Those Who Recycle

Sometimes, the best things in life fall into your lap and are earned at the same time.  You may recall me talking about starting a TerraCycle Brigade with a local school a while back.   Fast forward a couple of … Continue Reading

Mommy Testers blog · Jan 17, 2014

An Update on our TerraCycle Brigade with Capri Sun

It’s been a while since I talked about the Terracycle Brigade with Capri Sun that we are doing at the school my husband teaches at. It turned out it would work better if we had the entire school collecting drink pouches instead … Continue Reading

Mama on a Green Mission blog · Jan 17, 2014

BSM lunchroom prepares to implement new recycling program

This new grouping of throwaways entails the recycling of previous garbage products including potato chip bags and candy wrappers. The system, founded by eco-friendly company TerraCycle, was suggested to chemistry teacher Mr. Mark Lex by freshman James Libbey.

Knight Errant · Jan 15, 2014

Join the Entenmann’s Little Bites Pouch Brigade And Earn for Your School While Recycling!

Entenmann’s and TerraCycle have launched the Little Bites Pouch Brigade® recycling program which turns trash into cash. TerraCycle is an international leader in the collection and reuse of non-recyclable post-consumer waste.

Macaroni Kid Hamptons West · Jan 15, 2014

Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary students help earn money for their school

Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary students are cleaning up the environment and earning money for their school. By collecting Capri Sun drink pouches, Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary School students can win playgrounds, park benches and recycling bins for their school or community. Capri … Continue Reading

Journal Times Online · Jan 14, 2014

recycle, reuse Taking recycling to a whole new level

CVSWMD also partners with Terracycle, an organization with the tagline “Eliminate the idea of waste.” We collect items such as spray bottle triggers, empty tape containers and cores, foil-lined energy bar wrappers and more as participants in Terracycle “brigades,” in … Continue Reading

Times Argus Online · Jan 13, 2014

So, Those School Supplies You’ve Hoarded Since Fifth Grade Can Be Recycled After All

Here’s how to recycle some common school supplies: Binders International upcycling company TerraCycle has partnered with office supply giant Staples to offer in-store binder recycling. For every used binder you bring in, you’ll receive a $2 credit toward the purchase of … Continue Reading

Huffington Post Parents · Jan 13, 2014