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TerraCycle in the news

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News articles

Terracycle challenges students to recycle more than paper and cans

Le Moyne students and clubs have a chance to earn money for a charity, or for Le Moyne, by recycling through the TerraCycle company. TerraCycle is a company that recycles and upcycles, which is recycling unusual products into something inexpensive … Continue Reading

The Dolphin (LeMoyne College student paper) · Sep 26, 2013

Cradle to Cradle: Modern Upcycling Initiatives

Terra Cycle creates bags and other goods from upcycled packaging products, and Seattle’s Alchemy Goods converts bike inner tubes into conveniently waterproof bags. Both programs accept donations of used items that they use as their raw materials. – See more … Continue Reading · Sep 23, 2013

The Optimistic Futurist: Growing jobs and food security

At the Rutgers EcoComplex, a business incubator and sustainability research center in New Jersey, Princeton University students who wanted to be “eco-capitalists” started TerraCycle. They figured out a way to turn college dorm food waste into liquid organic fertilizer by … Continue Reading

Salisbury Post · Sep 22, 2013

U.S. Dept. of Education reps visit Longfellow, Hughes schools to learn from their ‘green’ programs

Both Longfellow and Hughes work with the Salvation Army and up-cycling company Terra Cycle to further their efforts in reducing environmental impact and to collect much needed supplies for the schools. Showing an enthusiasm about the accomplishments they have made … Continue Reading

Signal Tribune newspaper · Sep 20, 2013

SGA update: sustainability to take center stage

The environment and humanitarian efforts took center stage at last week’s Student Government Association meeting.Marist prides itself on its sustainability efforts and community service, and SGA plans to continue to develop that reputation through new initiatives and committees. One of the committee’s plans … Continue Reading

Marist Circle (Marist College newsletter) · Sep 18, 2013

Neighborhood Christian Center Organizes Green School Forum

Rose mentioned that the Santa Clara Valley Water District can trade out toilets that consume too much water for free at eligible schools, and energy providers can perform energy audits at schools, also for free. Rose recommended an organization named … Continue Reading

Santa Clara Weekly · Sep 18, 2013

Green Corner: Eco-Reps give the ‘green’ light for an eco-friendly year

A new program has been brought onto campus, the TerraCycle Beauty Brigade, which is headquartered in Trenton. This organization began by producing organic fertilizer known as “worm poop,” but is now also focusing on recycling waste into various products to … Continue Reading

The Rider News · Sep 18, 2013

TerraCycle wins Green Innovator award

And the winner was….TerraCycle, the Trenton company that recycles and upcycles just about everything you could think of. They pay schools and charitable institutions to send them stuff, then they make something cool out of it and resell it … … Continue Reading Green Space Blog · Sep 17, 2013

Long Beach schools’ recycling efforts draw federal attention

Juice pouches, energy bar wrappers and potato chip bags are all items that can’t be recycled traditionally. Instead, the school sends such waste to a New Jersey business called TerraCycle, which takes the rubbish and repurposes it into other products. … Continue Reading

Press Telegram · Sep 17, 2013

Balfour Beatty Communities partners with TerraCycle

Balfour Beatty Communities partnered with TerraCycle, a program that brings communities together to help build a sustainable future through: upcycling, recycling and donation efforts. Tyndall provides recycling for 1 and 2 plastics, newspaper, cardboard, aluminum, etc. Consumers can help eliminate … Continue Reading

Tyndall Air Force Base website · Sep 16, 2013