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TerraCycle in the news

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News articles

Naked Vine One-Hitter: The Naked Grape Pinot Noir

The Naked Grape has a partnership with a recycling company named Terracycle that handles numerous “waste streams” of “non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle items” – such as M&M wrappers, handbags, shoes, cigarette waste, iPods, pens, Solo cups…and Naked Grape wine boxes.

The Naked Vine Online · Aug 20, 2013

On the Money with Maria Bartiromo

Tom was interviewed live with Maria Bartiromo for her nationally syndicated CNBC show, On the Money, from the steps of the NYSE. Maria is widely considered one of the top financial journalists in the nation. The 2.30 minute-long piece ran … Continue Reading

CNBC and NBC Affiliates Nationwide · Aug 19, 2013

A Thoughtful Approach

Their snacks also come in recyclable packaging, which is huge in my book since I aim to eliminate my product wast by 98% (and have been successful at doing so thanks to conscious consumerism, composting and TerraCycle).

Kimbrolynn Blog · Aug 17, 2013

Cause Marketing: How Giving Back Can Be Profitable

TerraCycle’s goal is to reduce waste by offering ways to raise funds by recycling items for nonprofits, for-profits, and schools. Companies that produced the waste fund the collection efforts, and TerraCycle turns the waste into products such as park benches and backpacks.

Yahoo Voices · Aug 16, 2013

Students brush up on recycling, giving back

Different items are collected in each classroom and in the children’s homes and shipped away to TerraCycle. Local businesses; including Taylor Books, Edgewood Country Club and the Kay, Casto and Chaney Law Firm; have also partnered with the school to … Continue Reading

Aug 16, 2013

Terracycle – Review and Capri Sun Lunch Box Giveaway

A great place to look for fun and unique products is At Terracylce they take old products like juice, chips, and candy bar wrappers, and upcycle them into fun new products.

Creating Childhood Memories blog · Aug 14, 2013

Creating A Culture – Inc./Microsoft

The Inc./Microsoft series of videos consisted of ten online modules relating best practices on running a business featuring some of America’s leading entrepreneurs.

Microsoft Web Series · Aug 14, 2013

Hillcrest Elementary recycles:

Students at the Antioch Elementary District 34 school sent 1,822 empty glue sticks and bottles to TerraCycle Inc. as part of its annual Elmer’s Annual Classroom Cleanout contest. For each piece of waste sent to TerraCycle, the school earns points … Continue Reading

All Voices Online · Aug 14, 2013

Can’t Recycle It? Maybe You Can! TerraCycle Transforms Hard-to-Recycle Waste Into New Products

My sister told me about TerraCycle, an easy-to-use solution that turns non-recyclable or hard to recycle waste into new products like backpacks. You just sign up for the brigade (program) of your choosing, collect then send in via free shipping … Continue Reading

Bicultural Mama · Aug 12, 2013

Terracycle’s Trenton headquarters redecorated by graffiti artists

TRENTON – Graffiti artists redecorated the headquarters of Terracycle using spray paint in the city on Saturday, August 10.

Trentonian Online · Aug 12, 2013