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TerraCycle in the news

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News articles

Sea Angels group works to keep Palm Beach County’s coast clean

The Sea Angels’ mission isn’t only to preserve Palm Beach County’s coast, but also to make the sand and the seas a safer place for the animals that call it home. Cigarette butts are the No. 1 littered substance on … Continue reading

Jan 2, 2013

TerraCycle Brigades Index – Upcycled Mailbag

TERRACYCLE has been reusing waste for over a decade, giving it back to the consumer in the form of backpacks, non biohazardous cleaning products, scrapbooks, enviornmentally friendly fertilizers, and more. Check out this IPAD case made from what TERRACYCLE terms … Continue reading

Yogul Blog · Jan 2, 2013

2012 Review: TerraCycle Is an Important Environmental Group

Cloth diapering has become popular these days, but cloth toilet paper may be where some people draw the line. Not Christena Little. Little decided to transition her lifestyle to “zero-waste” nearly a year ago, and hasn’t looked back since. One … Continue reading · Dec 29, 2012

TerraCycle Helps Sea Angels Keep Palm Beach County’s Coast Clean

After Sea Angels collects the litter, members reuse the materials to create recycled artwork before dumping it. And any material that is not accepted by the Solid Waste Authority, goes to TerraCycle — a company that makes textiles out of … Continue reading

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel · Dec 28, 2012

TerraCycle Praised for Social Media Integration

We hear a lot of buzz about different social media networks and which one works better than another. In reality, using a combination of sites together is a solid strategy for reaching the greatest number of fans. Individual fans each … Continue reading's Social Community · Dec 26, 2012

Oakmont Students Raise Money with TerraCycle

Students at Oakmont Regional High have raised money selling craft items like bracelets made from soda can tabs. They also have an account with TerraCycle and collect 2 cents for every snack wrapper they turn in. “That’s our cash cow,” … Continue reading

Sentinel and Enterprise Online · Dec 23, 2012

Man Launches Cigarette Butt Recycling Effort

Kubiak has placed four cigarette butt collection buckets in the outdoor smoking areas of Christkindlmarkt with a sign that says, “Make your butt useful.” Smokers have responded and the buckets were brimming with butts last week. Kubiak will send the … Continue reading

The Morning Call · Dec 21, 2012

Honest Tea Partners with TerraCycle to Upcycle Drink Pouches

Sustainable packaging: The reduction by 0.56 ounce in one of Honest Tea’s cartons resulted in the conservation of 354,000 pounds of material, not to mention the decreased fuel consumption needed to haul all those drinks from plant to store. Those … Continue reading · Dec 20, 2012

TerraCycle Founder Tom Szaky Featured on Mashable Live Chat

Tom Szaky, 30, is the founder and CEO of TerraCycle, Inc., one of the world’s foremost leaders in eco-capitalism, recycling and upcycling. In 2006, Inc Magazine named TerraCycle “The Coolest Little Startup in America.” That same year Szaky was named … Continue reading

Mashable · Dec 20, 2012

Drum Maker Launches Cigarette Butt Recycling Effort

Conrad Kubiak, an environmentally-conscious smoker, hates the sight of cigarette butts littering sidewalks, parking lots and roadways. “It makes me sick,” he said. So now the well-known drum vendor, a regular at Musikfest and Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem, is taking matters … Continue reading

The Morning Call · Dec 19, 2012

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