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Do consumers really value sustainable packaging?

It’s a fact of life that we, as social beings, look for common ground when building relationships. Companies are no exception to this rule. Often, people seek out brands and companies that reflect their values. For instance, whether a company … Continue Reading

Packaging Digest · Feb 1, 2013

Is Your Recycling Bin Recycled?

“It is so ironic that people don’t use bins made from recycled material for their recycling,” says environmental columnist Kristin Arrigo, author of Seasonal Home Repair Checklist: Eco-Alternatives for Maintaining Your Home. Choose plastic bins wisely. A receptacle Eco-innovator TerraCycle … Continue Reading

She Knows · Feb 1, 2013

Smart, Simple, and Sustainable – The Search for the Perfect Package

Simplifying package design can directly benefit your business by reducing production costs and increasing branding opportunities. You can streamline clumsy designs by reducing materials, or you can promote closed-loop packaging by reusing recycled/recyclable materials like companies such as TerraCycle and … Continue Reading

Jan 31, 2013

Feed your children well

Celebrity chef Tyler Florence started SPROUT, whose organic offerings are inspired by recipes that his own kids liked. Ingrid Kellaghan, the founder of Chicago’s Cambridge Nanny Group and an expert in childcare issues like mealtime fussiness, says, “Infants go gaga over … Continue Reading

Jan 31, 2013

Try to Recycle Chip Bags? Is it Possible? Where Can I Wednesday?

The big game is right around the corner The PUPPY BOWL! (Speaking of which, fun fact! Last year, 9 of the pups came straight from Pennsylvania SPCA shelters!)  (Oh, and that other game for those football fans.) With Puppybowl and Superbowl translates … Continue Reading

Green Philly blog · Jan 30, 2013

If You Bring A Farmer’s Market To Me, I’ll Love You Forever

ot only do I get to save time by ordering my goods online and having it show up at my door, but I also get to feel good about myself for supporting a company who believes in sustainability.  They base … Continue Reading

Jan 29, 2013

Think Outside the Bin: What to Do With Hard-to-Recycle Items

Since many of these items cannot be recycled in your state and need to be mailed to the recycler, diehard recyclers may be faced with the moral dilemma of whether it’s worth the expense and resulting carbon emissions to ship … Continue Reading

Jan 29, 2013

Stub Out Butts! Cigarettes Turned into Plastic

In a program started in May in Canada and now running from the United States to Spain, TerraCycle collects cigarette butts from volunteers and turns them into plastic, which can be used for anything, even ashtrays themselves. The discarded cigarettes, … Continue Reading

Jan 29, 2013

Recycling 101: Turning Old into New

Recycling has come a long way from just simply separating paper, plastic and aluminum.  Today almost all materials can be recycled; from old cell phones and computers to tires and used car batteries.  Whether it’s making a swing from an old tire … Continue Reading

Jan 29, 2013

Trying to Answer the Inevitable Question: Can I Have a Raise?

As an employer of more than 100 people, I find dealing with the question of raises a constant challenge, one fraught with more negatives than positives. And yet, it’s an inevitable issue that crosses my desk constantly. While I can … Continue Reading

Jan 29, 2013