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News articles

Happy Green Holidays with TerraCycle

“Who put this recyclable item in the garbage???” My kids have gotten used to me asking this question as I’ve become more environmentally conscious over the years. I knew the habit had become deeply ingrained when I attended a church … Continue reading

Just Like June Blog · Oct 31, 2012

Recycle Candy Wrappers

Remember to recycle your candy wrappers to TerraCycle. Collect them at home or work in a bag or plastic container then bring them to the Waverly Recycling Center TerraCycle drop-off site. This is a fundraiser for the Waverly-Shell Rock schools. … Continue reading

Waverly Democrat · Oct 31, 2012

Green efforts spread throughout Highlands Middle School

Dana Krueger, a special education teacher at Northview’s Highlands Middle School leads a Green Team at the school, dedicated to mammoth recycling efforts. The recycling efforts have garnered awards for the school and money from a recycling company. Through the … Continue reading

Michigan Live Website · Oct 30, 2012

A review of TerraCycle’s recycled products

Do you like to keep the earth clean by recycling? I’m always finding ways to recycle. I’ve even got my daughter, who is only three, recycling. When someone tries to throw away a can or plastic bottle she will pull … Continue reading

Kathy's Savings Blog · Oct 30, 2012

Give TerraCycle products as gifts this year and help outsmart waste!

A few weeks ago I was sent a set of M&M Eco Speakers from TerraCycle to try. I have to say, I am pretty impressed with the quality of sound these tiny little speakers can project. The best part, they … Continue reading

The Mommy Bunch Blog · Oct 30, 2012

Review: Terracycle Binder and Pencil Case

I have been in love with Terracycle items for a LONG time now. They have been “in the works” since 2001, but major sales began in 2004, with items being sold at The Home Depot and WalMart in Canada. They … Continue reading

Freetail Therapy Blog · Oct 28, 2012

Eco-friendly Halloween Tips

Halloween is the second largest consumer driven holiday of the year, yet the scariest component of the holiday is the bite it takes out of the environment. Currently, the candy market consumes nearly as many resources as the meat industry, due … Continue reading · Oct 28, 2012

Four ways smart companies make greener products

With consumers complaining about excessive waste in the packaging of products they buy, companies are being forced to pay attention to the issue. The paths they might take are illuminated by Deloitte in a downloadable paper on its website. The paper highlights … Continue reading

Globe and Mail · Oct 28, 2012

Solmonese playground equipment being replaced

Norton — Through fundraising the Solmonese Parent Organization (SPO), of the J.C. Solmonese Elementary School, has been able to fill budget gaps and provide the school with necessary support over the years. Annually the group raises approximately $15,000 it puts … Continue reading

Wicked Local - The Norton Mirror · Oct 28, 2012

Exchanging Waste for Awesome Gifts with TerraCycle #NGgiftguide

What if you could reduce waste and get some awesome gifts at the same time? No seriously. What if you could give someone garbage and they create the coolest gifts for those special people in your life? I’m for real! … Continue reading

Life as Leels Blog · Oct 28, 2012

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