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News articles

Holiday Shopper’s Gift Guide 2012

Terri's Little Haven Blog · Nov 27, 2012

Tom Szaky at Social Venture Network

SVN was started by a few visionary “dough nuts” (rich hippies), who wanted to use their wealth to make revolutionary stuff happen. It has attracted a mix of successful social entrepreneurs over the years including Ben and Jerry and Virgin’s … Continue Reading

Huffington Post · Nov 26, 2012

Banishing the ugly butts

Tom Szaky collects the most disgusting things. Yucky yogurt containers. Sticky candy wrappers. Old flip-flops. Now, he and his Trenton company, TerraCycle, are onto a new one: cigarette butts, the most common litter items on the planet. (And much, much … Continue Reading

Philadelphia Inquirer · Nov 26, 2012

Cigarette Butt Recycling, By Mail

Separate your recycling: glass with glass, and cigarette butts with cigarette butts. The little smoked ends of filters that clutter street corners and beaches will be “upcycled” into pellets by Terracycle, according to SF Weekly. The company specializes in hard-to-recycle … Continue Reading

NBC Bay Area · Nov 23, 2012

Smokers, Take Heed: You Can Now Recycle Your Cigarette Butts

Forget about second-hand smoke; one company wants your second-hand cigarette butts. A new company has developed a method to get cigarette butts off San Francisco beaches and out of landfills by “upcycling” them into pellets, which will then be used … Continue Reading · Nov 23, 2012

Green Gifts from TerraCycle Review

We all want to be greener. The three R’s have become ingrained in our minds since we were little kids. I know I try to recycle and reuse what I can, when I can, but I fall short. Sometimes, I … Continue Reading

Just Becki Blog · Nov 22, 2012

Get Those Butts Off the Beach

Earlier this fall—well before Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the New Jersey coast and changed the conversation about climate disruption and its consequences—the Sierra Club’s New Jersey Chapter and recycling pioneer TerraCycle teamed up to do a beach cleanup in … Continue Reading

Sierra Club Blog · Nov 20, 2012

Recycle ‘em if you got ‘em

They account for 38 percent of all roadside litter by count, according to one study, and they’re the most commonly picked up item during an annual coastal cleanup. Cigarette butts are truly nasty piece of trash, but a new program … Continue Reading · Nov 20, 2012

Volunteers bring animal joy

UW-Whitewater senior Samantha Robinson acts as a voice for animals who can’t speak on their own behalf. Robinson’s work at The Humane Society of Jefferson County has given abandoned animals much needed love and attention. Robinson, a Helping Hands student … Continue Reading · Nov 20, 2012


Oenophile parents will adore this corkboard made from actual recycled wine corks.  It provides the perfect place to pin a shopping list or a photo of their favorite child – you! · Nov 20, 2012