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News articles

Green Business Trend Giving Customers a Bigger Role

Much of this change is being fueled by the growing influence of social media, which allows a company to make its green efforts more transparent and creates a two-way conversation. Telling people you’re environmentally friendly isn’t good enough anymore; you … Continue Reading

Biz Box USA · Jan 1, 2012

West Hempfield students cut food waste with help of hungry pigs

Asmo and Charlotte look like your run-of-the-mill, quarter-ton pink pigs who spend their days snorting and eagerly awaiting their next meal. But they’re doing their part to help the environment by taking part in a campaign by students at West … Continue Reading (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) · Jan 1, 2012

Cool | Outrageous Green Products

Recycled Stocking The kids will dig it if you change up your mantel with this repurposed Capri Sun wrapper stocking from TerraCycle. It’s 14? tall., Don’t Blow a Circuit It won’t process your WORD document, but these coasters … Continue Reading

Green Living AZ ( · Dec 30, 2011

Bain Earns Money Through Recycling

Students and staff at Bain Elementary School raised more than $3,700 for the school through the TerraCycling program. The program allows schools to collect items like juice pouches, wrappers, empty glue sticks and writing instruments and submit them for recycling. … Continue Reading

Matthews-Mint Hill Weekly (NC) · Dec 29, 2011

Full Circle, Part 3: TerraCycle

This is the third entry in “Full Circle,” a series that will be profiling companies and organizations that offer biodegradable and recyclable products or services — both in the New York City area and beyond. Albe Zakes will admit it. … Continue Reading

The Green Apple · Dec 29, 2011

Sustainability: It Will Change Your Business…If It Hasn’t Already

Do you have a sustainability officer yet? You might need one. It’s probably even more likely that your customers will have one, and you will have to pay attention to them if you want to continue to supply them with … Continue Reading

Moldmaking Techonology · Dec 28, 2011

Recyclables Sent By Schools Used To Make Lots Of Useful Items

Schools create quite a lot of waste products that is thoughtlessly gotten rid of when it can be recycled. An exceptional recycling strategy labeled as TerraCycle has brought about a huge change in the recycling behavior of schools in the … Continue Reading

Fireplace Tales Blog (MI) · Dec 28, 2011

Students help TES go green

Students at Tharptown Elementary School have traded in Mother Goose for Mother Earth with their “Recycle Race” program that has had students thinking about the environment all year long. TES guidance counselor Brandi Gholston said the program, which was incorporated … Continue Reading

The Franklin County Times ( · Dec 28, 2011

She’s Talking Trash

Lu-Ann Doyle doesn’t mind being called the “trash lady.”

Burlington County Times · Dec 26, 2011

THE 3 Rs – Lazy Ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Recycle, the last of the 3R trio, is the most transformative of the Rs. When we recycle, we’re giving used products the chance to be reborn as something new. That’s especially the case thanks to companies like Preserve that has … Continue Reading

Green Energy Water Heater Blog · Dec 24, 2011