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News articles

School Turns Trash Into Cash

A school in Flint, Mich., gathered tens of thousands of potato chip bags, juice boxes and other lunchtime trash, then sold it all to Terracycle, a company that turns the packaging into bags and placemats. The school made almost $500 … Continue Reading

NPR Morning Edition · Oct 24, 2011

ANA Conference: Final Recap

Then came Albe Zakes, VP of Media Relations for TerraCycle. TerraCycle began on the Princeton college campus as a way to ecologically and cheaply bottle fertilizer (worm poop) the founders were selling. Instead of creating new bottles, they simply re-used … Continue Reading · Oct 23, 2011

Is your purse about to explode? Recycle those things you don’t need

Have old make up containers? Don’t trash them! Origins will actually take back and recycle any make up container. M.A.C. cosmetics will give you a free lipstick when you return six of their primary containers. Who doesn’t have old pens … Continue Reading

News 14 Carolina · Oct 23, 2011

Solar-Powered Cheetos

And since 2009, Frito-Lay has been part of a partnership with TerraCycle to promote TerraCycle’s snack bag recycling program, the Chip Bag Brigade , which encourages schools and non-profit organizations to collect used Frito Lay snack bags and send them … Continue Reading

Care2 · Oct 22, 2011

Athens Today–October 22

4. St. Gregory the Great Episcopal Church needs you…or at least, your online vote . Turns out the parishioners of the church have been mailing in their trash to Terracycle , a recycling company focused on zero waste. Organizer Andrew … Continue Reading

Athens Patch · Oct 22, 2011

Turning Garbage Into Gold

Last month my fascination with how values and purpose can drive corporate culture, products and brand took me to Trenton, New Jersey to visit a company called Terracycle [ ]. Terracycle, it turns out, is an incredible example of how … Continue Reading

Olive Branch · Oct 22, 2011

Terracycle: Building a Small Empire on a Foundation of Compost: How Recycler Became the Useful Red Worm of the Marketing Ecosystem

Backyard composters know red worms are masters of turning banana peels and coffee grounds efficiently into fertilizer. Increasingly, brands are turning to Terracycle as the “red worm” of the marketing ecosystem — converting the effluvia of such heavy hitters as … Continue Reading

Advertising Age Online · Oct 22, 2011

Go Green With TerraCycle! (Trick Or Treat Hop Sponsor)

TerraCycle is a pioneering upcycling and recycling company which collects non-recyclable trash and repurposes it into new, practical, eco-friendly products. Their line of products includes backpacks, pencil cases, notebooks, messenger bags, lunchboxes, binders, and homework folders as well as items … Continue Reading

Fashion in the Forest · Oct 22, 2011

Students see their hard work paying off after recycling over 100,000 items

And there was more: Neosporin tubes, tortilla bags and all types of pen and markers. In all, parents collected and sorted into 37 bins items from both home and school, and sent them to TerraCycle, a not-for-profit New Jersey company … Continue Reading

San Jose Mercury News · Oct 22, 2011

DIY Halloween Costumes & Accessories from TerraCycle

Making DIY costumes and bags for Halloween can help save money during the expensive holiday season. One great way to do this is by making costumes with upcycled or recycled materials – this eliminates the expenses involved with buying new … Continue Reading (National) · Oct 21, 2011