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News articles

What Would You Do About The Debt?

What should be done about America’s debt? It’s the $14 trillion question that continues to fuel debate in the halls of Congress and across dinner tables nationwide. To the delight of frustrated supporters and chagrin of emboldened critics, President Obama … Continue Reading

Huffington Post · Sep 23, 2011

From trash to cash: Effort at Maple Shade school has students helping to raise money through recycling

When it comes to recycling, Sharon Sullivan, an educational assistant at Maude Wilkins Elementary School, takes it one step further. She recycles what was once considered unrecyclable and, at the same time, turns a profit for the school. “The students … Continue Reading · Sep 23, 2011

How To Recycle With TerraCycle

The Elmer’s Glue Crew Brigade is a free program through TerraCycle that pays schools and organizations to collect Elmer’s glue bottles and glue sticks to be recycled. This video walks you through the collection and recycling steps. To join Elmer’s … Continue Reading

Hot Glue Guns · Sep 22, 2011

EcoInterview – Albe Zakes, VP of Media Relations for TerraCycle

On 9/16/11, I had a fun and informative interview with Albe Zakes.  He is the VP of Media Relations for TerraCycle. He has been with TerraCycle since 2006. That same year, INC magazine ran a story calling TerraCycle the “coolest … Continue Reading

Eco Apprentice · Sep 22, 2011

Upcycling: The process of converting waste into usable products

Vicky Peck has a nickname some might find not so flattering, but she loves it when kids call her the “juice pouch lady” because it means they’re thinking about recycling. And getting kids to think about recycling is the first … Continue Reading (Worcester MA) · Sep 22, 2011

Young Guns Reloaded: Revisiting Worm Gold

When you hear “worm poop made him millions” you are left thinking two things. The first is, “Wow!” The second is, “Yeah, it’s simple, but I probably never would of thought of using worm castings as a natural fertilizer….” But … Continue Reading

Fox Business · Sep 21, 2011

Tortillas Going Green

My family has been loyal to the Guerrero <>  brand for more than 20 years. For those of you who are not familiar (if your a follower of this blog how could you not be!) Guerrero is a brand of … Continue Reading

Hispanic Market Info · Sep 21, 2011

PTA’s Support Students

PTAs often combine fundraising efforts with service to the environment or community.  For example, Debra Johnson, president of Weyanoke PTA, has garnered funds through the collection of juice pouches and chip bags.  Sent to to be “upcycled” into items … Continue Reading

Annandale Patch · Sep 20, 2011

Waste Pitch

My hatred of waste is well-documented in this space.  And yet I have much to learn and much to go in this area.  Tom Szaky’s “Revolution in a Bottle,” which is about his firm, Terracycle, explains that trash is a … Continue Reading

The Musings of an Urban Christian · Sep 20, 2011

TerraCycle In The Beginning

TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky is part of a show called Biz Kids.

Sep 18, 2011