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Bottle Buddy Brigade

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Every year, millions of plastic milk bottles are needlessly discarded and end up in our landfills. Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association has teamed up with eco-friendly innovator TerraCycle to help eliminate milk bottles from ending up in landfills and upcycle the bottles into unique and fun products that are sold at major retailers! Participation in the Bottle Buddy Brigade is simple and it?s completely FREE ? all costs and shipping are covered by program.

THIS PROGRAM IS ONLY OPEN TO SCHOOLS PARTICIPATING IN NEW LOOK/ 8.OZ PLASTIC BOTTLES PROGRAM! If your school would like to APPLY for the Bottle Buddy Brigade click the map below to see if your school meets the geographic requirements.

1. If your school meets the geographic requirements, your school can APPLY to participate in the Bottle Buddy Brigade. Once your school applies, your school will be contacted within 2 weeks with a new confirmation link. PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK TO FINALIZE YOUR BRIGADE SIGN-UP. .

2. Once your school's account has been activated, your school can begin collecting milk bottles.

3. Collect enough milk bottles to fill a reused box (ask a custodian or cafeteria staff for a re-used box).

4. Affix the pre?paid postage label and drop it off at a UPS location.

*PLEASE DO NOT APPLY MORE THAN ONCE. ONE APPLICATION PER SCHOOL. If your school signs up and does not meet the requirements, your school will not be accepted.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please check out the Bottle Buddy Brigade FAQ.

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