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Candy Wrapper Brigade® - FAQ

What can I send in through this Brigade?

Please see the below image for examples of waste that are accepted through this Brigade program. You may download this image as a useful poster by clicking here.

LARABAR Energy Bar Wrapper Brigade Accepted Waste

Energy Bar Wrapper Brigade accepted waste:

  1. Foil-lined energy bar wrappers
  2. Foil-lined granola bar wrappers
  3. Foil-lined protein bar wrappers
  4. All LÄRABAR foil-lined bar wrappers
  5. All Cascadian Farm foil-lined bar wrappers
How do other Brigade participants collect energy bar wrappers?

We’ve interviewed some successful participants in this Brigade program. Read the Spotlight Locations below to see how other locations collect for this Brigade.

What can I do to get more people to recycle with me?

To encourage more people to recycle with you, try using some of the resources specific to this Brigade:

You may also want to use the guides and posters found under the Tools & Resources section of the website.