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Cell Phone Brigade®

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Recycle your waste with TerraCycle

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Important Update to the Cell Phone Brigade

Starting on October 1, the new incentive structure for the Cell Phone Brigade will be as follows:

Standard phones - 30 TerraCycle points
Smart phones - 600 TerraCycle points
iPhone 3 and below - 250 TerraCycle points
iPhone 4 and above - 1,000 TerraCycle points
Broken or damaged phones - 30 TerraCycle points

Additionally, to help clarify the difference in BlackBerry smart phones and standard phones, we have compiled a list of qualifying model numbers for BlackBerry smart phones. Click here to review..

TerraCycle® has created the Cell Phone Brigade®, a free recycling program for cell phones, as well as a fundraising opportunity for participants.

How It Works

Participating is completely free and very easy. There are no signup or participation fees, and the shipping is covered by our brand partner. After joining the Cell Phone Brigade, simply follow the steps below to recycle your waste with us:

  1. Join the program by clicking on the black button at the top of the sidebar.
  2. Collect cell phones and fill up a box or bag. Remember that your shipments must contain at least 15 phones to receive the TerraCycle point donation.
  3. Download a free shipping label from your TerraCycle account. Click "Get Shipping Label" under the "Send Your Waste" option in the navigation bar at the top of this page.
  4. Ship the box to TerraCycle by affixing the free shipping label and dropping it off at a UPS location.

The following types of phones are accepted through the Cell Phone Brigade.

Cell Phone Brigade Accepted Waste

Cell Phone Brigade accepted waste:

  1. Standard cell phones
  2. Smart phones
  3. iPhone®

Please note that house/portable phones, phone chargers, or loose batteries are NOT accepted through this program.
Earning TerraCycle Points

TerraCycle points are an added incentive to our recycling programs. Please read the information below about earning TerraCycle points for this specific Brigade program.

  • Your shipment must contain at least 15 phones.
  • For each approved cell phone received, your collection location will be awarded the following TerraCycle points:
    Standard phones - 50 points
    Smart phones - 750 points
    iPhone 3 and below - 500 points
    iPhone 4 and above - 1,000 points

TerraCycle points can be redeemed for a variety of charitable gifts, product bundles, or a payment of $0.01 per point to the non-profit organization or school of your choice. For more information on our points program, click here.

Brigade Resources

Information Destruction: Please restore your device to factory settings and/or remove any personal information prior to sending through this Brigade program. TerraCycle is not responsible for information on your devices. Hard drives will be removed and shredded. All information from electronics is removed.

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