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2013 Box that Rocks

This contest is now over. Scroll down for the winners and Viewer's Choice finalists! TerraCycle® challenged Brigade® participants across the nation to design and build their own creative TerraCycle collection bin using upcycled waste materials. All winners have been chosen for the 2013 Box that Rocks.

Entries were judged based on their creative use of upcycled waste materials and their design's aesthetic and functional qualities. TerraCycle chose the three Most Creative boxes and the three Most Functional boxes. We then left it to you to vote for the "Viewer's Choice" winner. The number of Viewer's Choice finalists depended on the quantity and quality of entries during the contest. All winners are announced below.

The Viewer's Choice of 2013

Bear Exploration Center (Click to Expand/Collapse)

The Most Creative Box Designs of 2013

First Place: Child Development Center at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Click to Expand/Collapse)

Second Place: Random Lake School District (Click to Expand/Collapse)

Third Place: Petal Schools (Click to Expand/Collapse)

The Most Functional Box Designs of 2013

First Place: Poteau Upper Elementary (Click to Expand/Collapse)

Second Place: Olive Chapel Clippers (Click to Expand/Collapse)

Third Place: Shaver's Creek Environmental Center (Click to Expand/Collapse)

All eligible participating locations were subject to the 2013 Box that Rocks Contest Rules.