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Charitable Gift Challenge

Charitable Gift Challenge

TerraCycle is challenging our Brigade participants to come together to make a significant impact on a specific charity. Each month, TerraCycle will feature one of the Charity Partners in our points program. Not only are you helping TerraCycle eliminate the idea of waste, but you are also making a positive change in the world!

During the month of March, TerraCycle participants redeemed enough points to Covenant House, and because of your hard work, we have reached our goal and TerraCycle is excited to provide a year’s worth of school supplies to 15 more homeless young adults.

In celebration of Earth Month, TerraCycle has partnered with Carbonfund.org to reduce the amount of carbon in the Earth’s atmosphere.

April Challenge: Reduce 5,000 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere

If Brigade locations redeem their TerraCycle points to reduce a total of 5,000 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere, TerraCycle will in turn reduce 5 tons of carbon from the atmosphere through Carbonfund.org.


CarbonFund achieves significant carbon reductions by supporting projects that bring renewable energy to villages in Gujurat, India; convert farm waste into renewable energy in the northeastern U.S.; and protect the carbon-storage capacity of forests in the southern U.S. CarbonFund is currently working to conserve millions of acres of tropical forest in Brazil and Indonesia.

Visit Carbondfund.org.

Joppa View Elementary School

Congratulations Joppa View Elementary School and the Environmental Club Students, our Charitable Gift Giver for February

Congratulations to Joppa View Elementary School (JVE) and the Environmental Club Students, a Maryland Green School of Perry Hall, MD! They have donated their TerraCycle points to Feeding America, Heifer International, charity: water, and the National Wildlife Federation. “JVE will continue to do its part in helping our world by participating in various environmental and humanitarian efforts,” and they are “proud to be an environmental partner with the TerraCycle Brigade Program.”

Do you have what it takes to be our next Charitable Gift Giver of the month? TerraCycle will showcase a TerraCycle location that has provided charitable gifts to the Points Program Charity Partner. This lucky location will be featured in the TerraCycle newsletter and website. Redeem your points today and the “Charitable Gift Giver” could be you!