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Bear Naked Recycling Rewards

Bear Naked Recycling Rewards

We’re revamping the Bear Naked Recycling Rewards! Now it’s even easier to receive awesome TerraCycle-Bear Naked upcycled products. All you have to do is send in a single, qualifying shipment of 25 units of Bear Naked packaging during the contest timeline.

Please note: 5 random winners will still be selected for the month of August and announced on or around September 15th.

What is the Bear Naked Recycling Rewards?

The new and improved Bear Naked Recycling Rewards will begin on September 1st and end on December 31st. TerraCycle will reward you with a TerraCycle-Bear Naked Prize Pack for sending in your first qualifying shipment during the contest timeline.

To be rewarded with upcycled products, your shipment must contain at least 25 units of Bear Naked packaging.

Who can participate?

The Bear Naked Recycling Rewards is open to all participants who are registered and actively collecting for the Bear Naked Brigade. All qualifying locations will be automatically enrolled if their TerraCycle profile shows time to be confirmed and active during the contest period.

All eligible participating locations are subject to the Bear Naked Recycling Rewards Rules.

What are the prizes?

TerraCycle will reward you for your first qualifying shipment during the contest timeline with awesome upcycled products. You could win upcycled Bear Naked pencil cases, notebooks, or tote bags!

Remember, all you have to do is send in one shipment of more than 25 units of Bear Naked accepted waste to win.

Congratulations to our August winners!

Please note: The winners listed below have been randomly selected and they will receive an upcycled Bear Naked prize pack in accordance with the previous version of this contest.

Liz Rivett of Lansdale, PA
Katherine Rubin of Philadelphia, PA
Amy Fankhauser of Kansas City Illusion from Kansas City, MO
Chris Brown of Grove City, PA
Gene Kim of Pleasant Hill, CA