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Community Chip In Essay Contest

Cereal Bag Recycling Rewards

Calling all Chip Bag Brigade collectors! During Earth Month, tell us how you engage your community in your Chip Bag Brigade collections and we'll reward you with a product bundle filled with upcycled Frito-Lay products!

All you have to do to win an upcycled product bundle is write a brief photoessay explaining how you "Chip In" in your community with your TerraCycle collections. Do you donate your TerraCycle points to a community organization? Do you use your TerraCycle collections to clean up your community of waste? What do you do to chip in?

Your Community Chip In Essay must contain the following information in order to qualify for the product bundle filled with upcycled Frito-Lay products:

  1. Your name or the name of your organization that collects for TerraCycle
  2. The name of your community.
  3. Why you participate in the Chip Bag Brigade.
  4. How you have chipped in throughout your community with your chip bag collections. Did you redeem your points for something in your community? Books for your school? Playground equipment? Office supplies?
  5. A photo demonstrating how you are chipping in. Be sure to show us how your chip bag collections play a role in your engagement!

When you submit an essay addressing all of the points listed above, you will automatically be rewarded with an upcycled Frito-Lay product bundle containing enough upcycled pencil cases to share with your friends, family, or classroom. Essays will be gathered at the end of the contest and you will be notified of the shipment of your product bundle on or around May 15th.

All eligible participants are subject to the Community Chip In Essay Contest Rules.