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December Eco Resolution

TerraCycle wants to help you start 2013 with a clean slate by making it easier for you to send all of your collections by the end of December 2012.

During the month of December, TerraCycle will offer points for any shipment received through our Brigade programs – no matter the shipment size.

During the December Eco Resolution, all shipment size requirements to earn points will be lifted across all Brigade programs. This means you can send in any size shipment, in any Brigade, and earn points for your waste.*

Now is the time to finish 2012 strong. Go through your house, your classroom, and your office and gather all the accepted waste that you can find. Tape dispensers, lunch kit packaging, drink pouches, chip bags and all types of accepted waste qualify.

TerraCycle must receive your shipments on or before December 31st to qualify. Shipments received after December 31st, 2012 will be subject to the standard shipment size requirement of each Brigade.

Click here to send your waste!

* Drink Pouch Brigade shipments containing less than 2,000 drink pouches will earn 2 points per pouch. Energy Bar Wrapper Brigade shipments containing less than 500 wrappers will earn 1 point per wrapper. Programs that currently do not award points at all will not change (i.e. Cigarette Waste Brigade, Flip-Flop Brigade). Additionally, E-Waste and Paired Shoe Brigade programs are excluded from this promotion.