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Drink Pouch Brigade® Milestone Program

Milestone Program

TerraCycle® is excited to announce that the Milestone Program for the Drink Pouch Brigade is ramping up for the final stretch! We now have several participants who are on their way to recycling 200,000 pouches and are in the running to earn the recycled playground. Please see the leaderboard below to learn who's in the lead!

Also, please note, the runner-up will be rewarded with a set of recycled outdoor furniture! This includes a children's-sized and adult-sized picnic tables as well as a bike rack.

Milestone Leaderboard
  1. Keene's Crossing Elementary School
  2. Cedar Ridge Elementary
  3. T.L. Rodes Elementary
  4. Madison Simis Elementary
  5. Dixon Elementary School
  6. Rosa Parks Elementary School
  7. Ascent Academy of UT
  8. Triangle Elementary Schools
  9. Hutchinson Middle School
  10. John Lawrence Elementary
Milestone How to Win

The Milestone Program for the Drink Pouch Brigade rewards participants for collecting certain quantities of drink pouches. Drink Pouch Brigade collection totals for this program are cumulative starting with shipments received from September 1, 2013. Past collections that were checked in before September 1, 2013, are not added to your total.

If you're one of the collection locations listed above, be sure to check out the resources below to boost your collections and reach 200,000 drink pouches first!

Milestone Reward Milestone 5 Thumb

When you reach a cumulative total of 200,000 pouches you will be rewarded with a playground made from recycled drink pouches for your school or community.

Please note: Only one participant will receive this reward.** So it's time to pull out all the stops and collect as much as possible to win this prize.

Also, the runner-up will be rewarded with a set of recycled outdoor furniture. This includes a children's picnic table, bike rack, and a standard-size picnic table.

** The winner of the playground must meet certain site-related qualifications as outlined in the Rules and Regulations. If the winner cannot meet these qualifications, they will be unable to accept this prize (the cash value of the playground is not redeemable) and the playground will be awarded to the next qualifying Brigade participant to reach this achievement level.

Please click here for the Rules and Regulations for this program.