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Dropps® Recycling Rewards

Dropps Recycling Rewards

We're bringing it back for May! Send in a single shipment of used Dropps laundry pouches and you'll be entered in a sweepstakes in which Dropps will refill your supply with brand new Dropps products! What's more, if you're a top Dropps Laundry Pouch Brigade collector by the end of May, you'll be rewarded with Dropps products and a unique, upcycled tote.

Send in a single shipment to be entered into the sweepstakes!

All you have to do to win some free Dropps product is send in a single shipment of qualifying waste. Your shipment will be entered into the Dropps Recycling Rewards Sweepstakes. Eight randomly selected winners will receive Dropps laundry products. Then, if you want to win even more, collect the most pouches to win an awesome upcycled tote!

Visit the official Dropps Laundry Pouch Brigade to learn more about this collection program and what you can do to start collecting.

Recycle the most during May.

If you are one of the top two collectors during the Dropps Recycling Rewards, you will be rewarded with both Dropps products and a unique upcycled tote.

Just remember, you must send in only Dropps laundry detergent pouches and/or Dropps fabric softener pouches. At this time, other brands are not accepted through this program.

Need help finding Dropps laundry pouches? Visit the Dropps website to either order online or find a store near you!

All eligible participants are subject to the Dropps Recycling Rewards Rules. Winners will be notified on or around June 15th.