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Elmer's Classroom Cleanout

Elmer's Classroom Cleanout

The end of the school year is almost here, which means it's time to earn some awesome rewards from TerraCycle and Elmer's. To reward you for taking the initiative to clean out your classroom sustainably, we're rewarding the first 60 participants that send in an 8 lb. shipment. And to sweeten the deal even more, we're also rewarding the top collectors with 10,000 bonus points.

From May through July, you've got two opportunities to be rewarded for your eco-cleanliness.

Send in 8 lbs.

You have three months to to try and be one of the first 60 to send in a shipment containing over 8 lbs. of accepted waste. If you are one of the first 60, you will be rewarded with Elmer's products and a storage bin for your TerraCycle collections.

Collect the most

If you're really up to the challenge, we're going to reward the top five collectors in the Elmer's Glue Crew Brigade with 10,000 bonus TerraCycle points. All shipments (regardless of size) will be tallied during the contest timeline, so make sure you time your shipments so we receive them before the end of July.

The first 60 Elmer's Glue Crew Brigade participants to send in a shipment containing over 8 lbs. of accepted waste will win an Elmer's prize pack filled with brand new Elmer's products and a sturdy bin from TerraCycle to help with your collections.

The five collectors who send in the most Elmer's glue packaging will each be rewarded with 10,000 bonus TerraCycle points.

All eligible participants are subject to the Elmer's Classroom Cleanout Rules.