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Environmentalist Sweepstakes

Environmentalist Sweepstakes

Now you can earn great rewards for both chip bag and drink pouch collections with the Environmentalist Sweepstakes!

TerraCycle wants to recognize and reward the outstanding environmental stewardship of locations that send in shipments of chip bags and drink pouches that are too small to earn points. Even though you can’t earn points for small shipments through the Drink Pouch and Chip Bag Brigade programs, you can still help the environment by diverting this waste from landfills.

If you send in a shipment through the Drink Pouch Brigade or the Chip Bag Brigade that is under the minimum requirement you will be entered in a drawing to win a bundle of TerraCycle products! Starting September 1st, 2012, all Drink Pouch Brigade and Chip Bag Brigade shipments that contain less than 1,000 drink pouches or less than 500 chip bags, will enter your location into a drawing to win TerraCycle product bundles.

Click here for a list of monthly winners.

What are the prizes?

You can win one of 14 TerraCycle Product bundles each month just for sending in small shipments of your drink pouches and chip bags!

To check out each of the 14 product bundles that you could win, click here and scroll down (bundles you can win are #1-14).

All locations that send in shipments that contain less that 1,000 drink pouches or 500 chip bags will be put in a monthly random drawing to receive one of the product bundles labeled #1 through #14. Each TerraCycle Product Bundle contains at least three eco-friendly products ranging from TerraCycle’s special line of cleaners and the original TerraCycle Worm Poop fertilizer to recycle bins and upcycled school supplies. There will be 14 winners each month, so keep your drink pouches and chip bags out of landfills and send in your shipments!

When is the Environmentalist Sweepstakes happening?

The updated Environmentalist Sweepstakes that includes both chip bags and drink pouches will begin on September 1st, 2012 at 12:00 am EST and winners will be announced every month. Collection packages checked in by TerraCycle each month will have their contents tallied for the Environmentalist Sweepstakes..

How does a location win the Environmentalist Sweepstakes?

To be entered into the Environmentalist Sweepstakes, a location must send in a Drink Pouch Brigade shipment with fewer than 1,000 drink pouches or a Chip Bag Brigade shipment with fewer than 500 chip bags within the contest timeline. Qualifying shipments are determined according to the details described in the Drink Pouch Brigade FAQ and Chip Bag Brigade FAQ.

All eligible participating locations are subject to the Environmentalist Sweepstakes Rules.