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Erase Your E-Waste

Erase your E-Waste

Win your school, office, or organization new keyboards and mice while eliminating the idea of waste®. TerraCycle and Logitech® are thrilled to announce the return of the Erase your E-Waste contest, which will take place from September through April.

Each month the highest collecting Keyboard and Mouse Brigade location will be rewarded with cool new Logitech keyboards and computer mice.

Download the Erase Your E-Waste poster to help promote collections at your organization. TerraCycle Tip: To reduce the amount of promotional paper waste, simply email this poster to your participants instead of printing it out.

What is the Erase Your E-Waste contest?

The Erase Your E-Waste contest will begin on September 1st, 2012 at 9:00am EST and end on April 30th, 2013 at 6:00pm EST. During the contest timeline, qualifying shipments delivered and checked in at TerraCycle will be counted towards the monthly collection contest. Winners will be announced on or before the 15th of the following month.

TerraCycle will determine the winners based on the total number of total units collected within the contest timeframe. Units collected are determined by the average unit weight listed on the Keyboard and Mouse Brigade’s FAQ. A single winner will be declared as the highest collector during each individual month of the contest for a total of 10 winners.

Who can participate?

The Erase Your E-Waste contest is open to all Keyboard and Mouse Brigade locations. All qualifying shipments received through the Keyboard and Mouse Brigade will be totaled for the Erase Your E-Waste collection contest.

To participate in the contest, a qualifying shipment* must be received between 12:00am EST on the first day of the month and 11:59pm EST on the last day of the month. All eligible participating locations are subject to the Erase Your E-Waste Rules.

*See specific Keyboard and Mouse Brigade FAQs for any qualifying shipment restrictions.

What are the prizes?

Each month, the collection location that collects the most keyboards, mice, and webcams will receive up to 30 new Logitech keyboards and computer mice (a $1000 value!).

All eligible participating locations are subject to the Erase Your E-Waste Rules.