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Garnier® Giveaway

It's time to show TerraCycle and Garnier how much you love to recycle! For 2014, TerraCycle will be offering collection locations around the country a chance to win a monthly sweepstakes drawing to win Garnier prize packs. 30 winners will be announced each month and the larger your shipments during the contest period, the more entries into the sweepstakes you will earn.

To enter, simply send in a shipment of qualifying personal care and beauty waste. Every month from January through December there will be a sweepstakes drawing to determine that month's 30 winning locations.

Bigger shipments mean more chances to win!

Your location will receive entries into the sweepstakes based on the size of your Personal Care & Beauty Brigade shipments:

  • A shipment of 9 lbs = 1 entry
  • A shipment of 17 lbs = 3 entries
  • A shipment of 25 lbs = 7 entries

You can send in as many shipments as you'd like. There are 30 winners every month, so be sure to keep up your collections and to send in the largest shipments possible.

Each month's winning locations will win free Garnier products!

All eligible participants are subject to the Garnier Giveaway Rules.