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GoGo for the Gold

GoGo for the Gold

This spring, GoGo squeeZ and TerraCycle are challenging you to "GoGo for the gold" by racing your fellow GoGo squeeZ Brigade participants. There are limited prizes for this contest and only the fastest collectors will be rewarded.

The GoGo for the Gold contest will run from April through May, but don't forget that this is a race and all of the prizes may be distributed well before the end of the contest.

We're going to reward the first 50 participants to send in a shipment containing over 6 lbs. of healthy snack pouches. This will be a true eco-challenge. Not only will you have to recycle a large amount of pouches, but you're going to have to do it quickly to beat out the competition.

Tools to help you collect faster

Don't forget to check out the resources we created specifically for this Brigade program (found at the bottom of the Brigade page) For example, you can use the Accepted Waste Poster to spread awareness about the specific waste stream that you are collecting for this contest.

The first 50 unique GoGo squeeZ Brigade shipments we receive between April and May will win. Each winning participant will be rewarded for their speed and recycling efforts with two cases of free GoGo squeeZ products and 1,000 bonus TerraCycle points.

All eligible participants are subject to the GoGo for the Gold Rules.