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GoGo squeeZ Earth Month Collection Drive

In celebration of Earth Month, GoGo squeeZ is rewarding Brigade participants who have truly made a difference on the environment through the GoGo squeeZ Brigade.

So congratulations to the top five GoGo squeeZ collectors!
Kristen Sullivan of Nan Clayton Elementary School in Austin, TX
Cynthia Simmons of Broad Acres Elementary School in Silver Spring, MD
Jodi Socall of Cherry Creek Elementary in Lowell, MI
Tracy Baldwin of Sheila Tarr ES in Las Vegas, NV
Melissa Bouyounan of TEAM Orion Oaks in Lake Orion, MI

During the month of April, participants were challenged to collect as many squeezable healthy snack pouches for a chance to win. The top five collecting Brigade participants listed above will each be rewarded with points, upcycled products, GoGo squeeZ product, and planting kits.

The contest may be over, but if you need a little help taking your GoGo squeeZ Brigade collections to the next level, make sure your collection bins are clearly labeled that all healthy snack pouches are collected and use some of our guides and resources to perfect your collection methods. Going on a school break? Use our School Break Collection Challenge Guide to encourage students to collect during school breaks. And you can also use our Collect, Store, and Ship Guide. Take a peek at these guides to give your GoGo squeeZ Brigade collections a revamp during Earth Month and they just may give you the edge to take your collections to the next level.

The top five collectors listed above will each be rewarded with 1,000 bonus points and a GoGo squeeZ prize pack containing 5 GoGo squeeZ pencil cases, 5 cases of GoGo squeeZ product, and 100 Bean Planting Kits.

All eligible participants were subject to the GoGo squeeZ Earth Month Collection Drive Rules.