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Huggies® Diapers for Recyclers

2014 Huggies Diapers for Recyclers

How would you like to win ten cases of diapers every month in 2014? Whether you want them for your own little one or to donate to an organization in need, there's no denying that you could win a lot of diapers. And the best part? You could win each month from now until the end of the year.

The Diapers for Recyclers will run from April through December 2014. Each month, we're challenging you to send in at least one super eco-friendly shipment of diaper and wipes packaging. That shipment could be your golden ticket to a mountain of free Huggies diapers.

Earn entries with eco-friendly shipments

Shipments weighing at least 6 lbs will earn you a single entry into the sweepstakes.

But a shipment weighing at least 8 lbs will earn you five entries.

Three winners will be randomly chosen each month. Needless to say, the bigger your shipment and the more shipments you send, the more entries you earn.

Tools to help you collect

If you currently collect diaper and wipes packaging, don't forget to check out the resources we created specifically for this Brigade program (found at the bottom of the Brigade page) For example, you can use the DIY Collection Bin Kit to create a unique, colorful collection bin for your diaper and wipes packaging. And if you're a school, you can use the Take-Home Flyer to encourage students to bring in diaper and wipes packaging from home.

Not yet a collector in the Diaper Packaging Brigade? Click here to visit the Brigade page to learn more and start recycling.

Three randomly selected Diaper Packaging Brigade participants will be selected each month during the contest timeline. Each winner will be rewarded with 10 cases of size four Huggies diapers. You can win each month during the contest timeline for a total of 90 cases of diapers.

All eligible participants are subject to the Diapers for Recyclers Rules.