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July 2013 Dairy Tub Recycling Rewards

Cereal Bag Recycling Rewards

It's back. We want to reward you for taking your commitment to the environment to the next level. All Dairy Tub Brigade shipments containing over 15 lbs of dairy tub packaging will be rewarded with bonus TerraCycle points during the month of July.

During July, every time you send in a shipment that contains over 15 lbs of dairy tub packaging, you'll be rewarded with 250 bonus points. This means if you send in two shipments over 15 lbs, you'll be rewarded with 500 points. Send in three shipments, you'll get 750 points.

There are still a few open slots in the Brigade, so join today to take advantage of this special opportunity to earn bonus TerraCycle points!

Also, did you know that you can send in a lot of different types of waste through the Dairy Tub Brigade? Check out the Dairy Tub Brigade Accepted Waste Poster to see which types of dairy tub packaging you can send in. Then, make sure you share this poster with the friends and family who are helping you collect.

Each shipment of dairy tub packaging that weighs over 15 lbs will earn you 250 bonus TerraCycle points. All points will be credited on or around August 15.

All eligible schools are subject to the Dairy Tub Recycling Rewards Rules.