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TerraCycle believes in creating high quality, affordable, eco-friendly products and forges partnerships with best-in-class manufacturing partners in order to achieve this goal.

Throughout every stage of the manufacturing process, our teams work to ensure that every product made using TerraCycle recycled material remains true to this vision. Black Plastic Pellets

TerraCycle’s in-house R&D team creates plastic formulations and processes waste into valuable raw materials such as customized plastic pellets of various material compositions. These resins can be processed through a variety of manufacturing techniques, including injection molding, extrusion molding, and compression molding. To create unique products made from recycled waste, our team also creates custom formulations in order to meet our partner’s exact specifications, ensuring consistency lot to lot, with no variability.

For a quick, surface-level overview on the manufacturing process of a TerraCycle Brigade, watch the video below.

In addition, our R&D and Design teams develop prototype products ranging from school products, home decor, to garden items. These teams work directly alongside our manufacturing partners to create, produce, and bring these products to retail. Through these partnerships, TerraCycle and our partners are able to produce high-quality products with a guaranteed benefit to the environment - a true win-win. Waste is diverted from landfills and the need to extract virgin materials to create new products is reduced.

If your manufacturing company would like to integrate TerraCycle’s recycled resins into your products and work with TerraCycle, please contact materials@terracycle.com.