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New Year Shipment Resolution

New Year Shipment Resolution

Eat right. Live more. Be a better person. Hit all three of these New Year Resolutions with this simple contest. For 2014, send in a qualifying shipment of Bear Naked packaging and you'll be rewarded with healthy granola, simply because you took the initiative to make this planet a better place.

From February through April, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on both the planet and yourself. All you have to do is ship 3 lbs of Bear Naked packaging and you've already reached this New Year Resolution. And each shipment counts. Send in one shipment and you'll get one prize pack and 500 bonus points. Send in five shipments and you'll get five prize packs and 2,500 bonus points!

Those three little pounds

That's three pounds you've saved from landfill. Three pounds you've given a second life. Three little pounds that you'll be rewarded for with awesome Bear Naked products and bonus TerraCycle points.

Need a little help hitting that three pound mark? The key to collecting for any of our Brigade programs is to know the waste accepted through the program. You may be surprised at the diversity of some of the waste streams. Click here to download the Bear Naked Brigade Accepted Waste Poster.

Each shipment containing over 3 lbs of Bear Naked packaging that are sent during February, March, and April will be rewarded with 500 bonus points and a prize pack from Bear Naked. Each prize pack contains Bear Naked granola and an upcycled tote bag. And keep in mind, this means you can win on every shipment you send during this contest.

All eligible participants are subject to the New Year Shipment Resolution Rules.