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Personal Care & Beauty Recycling Rewards

This contest is now over. The top five collectors during the contest timeline are...

  • Carol from Dutton Christian School in MI
  • Metropolis Track Club in NY
  • Rebecca from Hudsonville Christian School in MI
  • Jarrod from Broward College in FL
  • Gretchen of St. Bede School in IL

Garnier and TerraCycle wanted to reward new collectors and people who've collected before. For taking the initiative and helping keep the environment beautiful, TerraCycle rewarded all first-ever Personal Care & Beauty Brigade shipments with bonus TerraCycle points. We've also rewarded the top collectors during the contest timeline as well, so there were plenty of chances to win.

Get rewarded for your first shipment

To participate, all you had to do was send a shipment of accepted waste in the Personal Care & Beauty Brigade to TerraCycle. Between July and September, all first-ever shipments won 200 bonus points. Get rewarded for your collection initiative, then continue to send in shipments so you earn points after the contest to spend on charity or school donations, or on some awesome upcycled gear and products from the TerraCycle Points Program. You could also shoot for collecting the most during the contest timeline to win even more great prizes.

Become a top collector during the contest

All Personal Care & Beauty Brigade shipments, including first-time shipments, were automatically entered into the collection contest. The top five collectors during the contest timeline will each be rewarded with a Garnier prize pack filled with awesome Garnier products. Shipments sent during the July through September contest period qualified.

All first-ever shipments earned 200 bonus points. Then, the top five collectors during the contest timeline earned a Garnier prize pack. Collection contest winners have been announced. If you sent in your first-ever shipment, you have received an email notification when the bonus points have been credited to your account.

All eligible participants were subject to the Personal Care & Beauty Brigade Recycling Rewards Rules.