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Points Program Overview

For years, we’ve paid $0.02 to the charity or school of your choice for each qualified piece of waste you’ve sent to TerraCycle. While the cash payment option remains available to you, we’ve now added a number of additional ways to reward you and your team for your collections. Each TerraCycle Collection Location has been automatically enrolled in our Points Program. For each qualified piece of waste you send to TerraCycle, we award your Location’s account with 2 TerraCycle points. Those two points can still be redeemed for a $0.02 payment to the charity or school of your choice, or you can select from a range of charity gifts (from providing meals or planting trees to protecting endangered lands, gifting farm animals or providing fresh drinking water).

We think you will find the new points system easy and inspiring. You have complete flexibility to choose cash payments to the charity or school of your choice, to redeem points for charity gifts or to redeem some points for cash payments to charities of your choice and some points for charity gifts. With over 90,000 collection locations and over 15 million people participating around the world (and growing), we believe the collective impact of this program will be significant. Over time, we’ll add additional charity gift options and new features to the Points Program.

The program is now in effect and any shipments received by TerraCycle since November 1st (the beginning of the current six month accounting period) have been converted to points that can be redeemed at any time.

To see our current charity gift options, please click here. To begin collecting, please click here.

Why we created the Points Program

Through discussion with Collection Location leaders, we learned that many folks were in favor of earning points that could be redeemed for an array of charity gifts, and through this process, to enable significant benefit to be directed to a range of great causes. Another advantage of the Points Program is that you can redeem your points immediately, as compared to when you redeem for cash for a selected charity (as we only send out checks twice a year). Also, through the points program, your can select some gifts where your points will be combined with those of other collection teams to greatly increase the impact of the social program.