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Rewards for Eco-Offices

This contest is only open to locations in the Writing Instrument Commercial Brigade program. This program is closed, but please check the Brigade programs tab of your profile to see if you are already enrolled.

Do the “write” thing for the environment and your office this summer by sending your used writing instruments to TerraCycle! Send in your shipments and become a top collecting eco-office to turn those used pens, mechanical pencils, permanent markers and highlighters into awesome upcycled office product rewards.

All you have to do to enter is start sending your old and used writing instruments to TerraCycle from July 1st until August 31st. All locations participating in the Writing Instruments Commercial Location Brigade are eligible to participate in the contest.

Become a top collecting eco-office

The top ten collectors during the contest period will each win a cool, eco-friendly office supply bundle made from upcycled materials. Be sure to send in your shipments between July and August for them to count towards your contest total.

Send a shipment to enter the sweepstakes

You don’t need to be a top collector to win a prize bundle. If you send in a shipment during the contest period you are automatically entered into a sweepstakes where you can win a large office product bundle from TerraCycle. Remember that every shipment sent to TerraCycle translates to less landfill waste, and a happier, healthier earth.

Start collecting now for a chance to win! The top collectors and sweepstakes winner will be announced around September 15th.

The top ten collectors during the contest period will be rewarded with a Medium Bundle from TerraCycle’s Office Collection. One randomly selected contest participant will be rewarded with a Large Bundle from the Office Collection.

All eligible participants are subject to the Rewards for Eco-Offices Rules.