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Solo Summer Celebration

Solo® Summer Celebration

This contest is now over. We'd like to congratulate all participants who collected over 1,000 cups throughout the summer and our top five collectors during the contest timeline.

The top five collectors:

  • Josie of Herron High School Athletics in IN
  • Cheryl from CA
  • Jill from The Paint Bar in MA
  • David from the Anne Hutchinson School in NY
  • Karen of Daufuskie Island Conservancy in SC

Over the summer we challenged you to turn your summer parties into eco-friendly, zero-waste extravaganzas and we rewarded you for your dedication to the environment by giving you bonus TerraCycle points. From May through September, TerraCycle has rewarded all Solo Cup Brigade participants with bonus TerraCycle points just for pushing to recycle even more cups this summer.

Send in 1,000 cups between May and September.

Anybody could win. You didn't have to be a top collector. You didn't have to send in a lot of shipments. All you had to do was collect a total of 1,000* #6 rigid plastic cups throughout the entire summer. As soon as you hit 1,000, your achievement will be recorded and you were rewarded with 500 bonus TerraCycle points.

This means that your waste was totaled cumulatively from May 1st through September 30th. So you could send in shipments of any size and when we have checked in 1,000 cups from you during the contest timeline, you really had something to celebrate during the Solo Summer Celebration.

Be one of the top five.

The top five collectors in the Solo Cup Brigade have been rewarded with 5,000 bonus points and a TerraCycle prize pack. So not only did you win for sending in 1,000 cups, but some were rewarded for collecting the most cups during the contest timeline as well.

Remember, all types of #6 rigid plastic cups are accepted through the Solo Cup Brigade. With Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and other summer barbecues, there has never been an easier way to turn your parties into opportunities for some easy bonus TerraCycle points.

There are still open slots available in this Brigade, so join today to take advantage of exclusive contests like this one.

From May through September, when you sent in a total 1,000 #6 rigid plastic cups, you were rewarded with 500 bonus TerraCycle points. Then, if you were one of the top five collectors in the Solo Cup Brigade during the Solo Summer Celebration, you earned 5,000 bonus points and a TerraCycle prize pack.

You have been notified if you have collected 1,000 cups during the contest and top five collectors have been announced.

All eligible participants are subject to the Solo Summer Celebration Rules.

* Solo Cups will be counted based on weight, using .026 lbs. as the average weight.