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2014 Solo Summer Celebration

Rewards for a "Sensible" Bin

The warm weather is upon us and we want to reward you for spending time in the environment you work so hard to protect. We're bringing the Solo Summer Celebration back for 2014.

From barbecues to family gatherings, you're already having warm-weather get-togethers, so why not earn a few extra bonus points at the same time? From May through September, we want to reward you for sending in 1,000* cups over the course of the summer. Keep in mind that you do not have to send 1,000 cups in a single shipment. These cups will be totalled cumulatively.

Send in at least 1,000 cups

Earn 500 bonus points for sending in 1,000 cups by the end of September. Remember, you do not have to send 1,000 cups in a single shipment. As long as you send 1,000 cups between May and September, you will earn your 500 bonus points.

Earn more points by collecting the most cups

In addition to rewarding every participant that sends in 1,000 cups, we have 5,000 bonus points for the top five collectors during the contest timeline. So if 1,000 cups isn't enough of a challenge, you can take your collections to the next level as you compete to become one of the top five.

All Solo Sup Brigade participants that send in a cumulative total of at least 1,000 cups during the contest timeline will be rewarded with 500 bonus TerraCycle points. The five collectors in the Solo Cup Brigade who collect the most cups during the contest timeline will each be rewarded with 5,000 bonus points.

The top five collectors and all bonus points will be rewarded on or around October 15.

All eligible participants are subject to the Solo Summer Celebration Rules.

* Please note: Cups will be counted based on weight, using 0.026 lbs. as the average weight of a single cup.