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TerraCycle Culture

Graffiti at TerraCycle

Ever since the beginnings of TerraCycle we have supported and cultivated a strong art and graffiti culture from annual graffiti jams to the daily repainting of our walls. Hundreds of graffiti artists from all over the world have painted TerraCycle's offices, from Brazil to the US to Japan! So click the link below to scroll through the images to see some of the craziest graffiti to ever grace the TerraCycle office. Click here to see the graffiti..

Nerf® Battles

On any given Friday afternoon, when brains are fried and the first few hours of the weekend are so close you can smell them, all TerraCycle employees and interns could find themselves in the middle of an all-out Nerf war (those who cannot or choose not to participate are politely left alone, save for the occasional errant dart!).

Bi-Monthly Company-Wide Meetings

At TerraCycle, we believe strongly in transparency and keeping everyone in the loop, across all the employees in all countries. Our bi-monthly meetings are held mid-day and all US employees gather in our main office space and international employees join via Skype or conference call. US and international directors and general managers list updates and accomplishments and employee of the month is issued.

Then, after hours, all US employees (and any international employees who happen to be in the US office) gather at a local restaurant or bar, or at a director's hourse for a relaxing get-together.

International Week

During International Week, all able international employees travel to US TerraCycle Headquarters and work in the office with all the US employees. During the week, meetings and informative presentations are given, and US and international members have the chance to sit and get to know each other.

An activity of some sort is usually planned for each evening. One night it could be a soccer game (US employees vs. international, you can probably guess who wins), another it could be a get-together in front of a bonfire.