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TerraCycle Offices

The TerraCycle Design Junkies were challenged with redesigning TerraCycle's office spaces completely from upcycled or reused materials. Our award-winning team of designers created an incredibly unique office by using upcycled, recycled, or reused materials for almost every fixture, piece of furniture, and item of décor - from walls made of soda bottles and vinyl records to desks made of old doors!

The result is a dynamic, upcycled office experience that is enjoyed daily by over 100 employees, interns, and TerraCycle guests. This one-of-a-kind design truly shows TerraCycle's commitment to sustainability and reuse. If a fully upcycled office isn't "green" enough for your tastes, TerraCycle's entire roof is covered in solar panels and in peak months we produce more energy than we consume!

Click here for detailed photos of the TerraCycle Headquarters in Trenton, New Jersey.

TerraCycle operates in over 20 countries and we embrace waste in all forms in our offices. Check out our international upcycled offices by clicking the thumbnails below.

Want to turn your office into an eco-friendly upcycled space? You can hire the TerraCycle Design Junkies to upcycle your space. Click here for more information.