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The Great Pouch Race

Ella's Kitchen The Great Pouch Race

This contest is now over. Thank you for participating! The contest winners are listed below:

  • Sarah R. of Colorado
  • Sara S. of Washington
  • Carolina B. of Colorado
  • Sarah P. California
  • Marissa C. of California
  • Sarah S. of Washington
  • Ashlie C. of Montana
  • Leah C. of Michigan
  • Wendy N. of North Carolina
  • Meryl J. of Massachussetts

You had from now through March to collect like crazy and recycle more baby food pouches than ever before. The top collectors in the Baby Food Pouch Brigade® will be rewarded with an exciting prize pack from Ella's Kitchen® and bonus TerraCycle points.

This contest ran from February through March, and in this recycling race you had to ship and recycle as many baby food pouches as you could. So whenever your little one enjoyed a yummy Ella's Kitchen® baby food pouch, you had to remember to save it and send it in for the contest! Each baby food pouch you recycled took you one step closer to bonus TerraCycle points, an Ella's Kitchen® prize pack, and most importantly, a cleaner planet.

Be sure to tell your fellow Ella's Kitchen® fans about your recycling efforts. Ask friends and family to bring you their pouches or simply provide them with a shipping label printed from your account so they can ship on their own. The more people helping, the more pouches you can recycle and the faster you'll collect! And remember, each pouch you collect will be recycled instead of sent to a landfill.

The top ten collectors in the Baby Food Pouch Brigade during the contest timeline will each be rewarded with Ella's Kitchen® prize packs and 1,000 bonus points. Each Ella's Kitchen® prize pack is filled with scrumptious Ella's Kitchen® product.

All eligible participants are subject to the The Great Pouch Race Rules.