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  • Provide Resources

    Redeem points to provide meals to hungry Americans, or to build wells to provide drinking water for people throughout the world who lack access to clean water.

  • Protect the Environment

    Redeem points to preserve wildlife land, offset carbon in the atmosphere, or plant trees.

  • Provide Education

    Redeem points to give school supplies to a homeless child.

  • TerraCycle Product Bundles

    Redeem points for TerraCycle Products! Use our eco-friendly products to clean your house and office, or to maintain your garden. You can even provide your students with eco-friendly school supplies!
  • Collection Materials

    Redeem your TerraCycle points for materials to help with your TerraCycle collections.
  • Donate to your designated charities

    Redeem points at $0.01 per point (2 cents per waste unit) paid to your designated charity or school.

    • Cash icon

      Redeem points to donate cash to charity

      Make a donation to one of your nominated charities (defined in your user profile).

      You need to redeem a minimum of 1000 points.

      Sign in to redeem points for cash.