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Provide one clean diaper to a child in need

By redeeming 30 of your TerraCycle points, you can help mothers and babies in need by donating clean, dry diapers through Every Little Bottom.

Did you know that 1 in 3 American moms are struggling to provide diapers for their babies? Clean, dry diapers improve baby hygiene and better protect the babies’ health. And by providing their mothers with these clean diapers, you can help reduce the stress of proportioning funds to diapers.

By deciding to redeem your TerraCycle points for even a single diaper, you have provided an essential need to mothers and their babies who are unable to provide for themselves. The clean diapers you decided to donate will make a difference in a babies’ life.

Every Little Bottom

Since Every Little Bottom was founded, over 60 million diapers have been donated to babies in need. Huggies® Every Little Bottom has partnered with local and national organizations to help build awareness and distribute diapers.

Visit Every Little Bottom website

Every Little Bottom