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Provide gloves for a beach cleanup

Your contribution will provide a pair of durable cotton gloves for Save Our Shores volunteers. With 3,000 points, your donation will help gear up Save Our Shores volunteers for a day of cleaning up our shores and protecting our environment. These reusable gloves are perfect for protecting volunteers from hazardous beach litter such as sharp glass and plastics.

Save Our Shores has hosted 26 Public Monthly Cleanups in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties. Your donation will help provide much needed supplies for these beach cleanups, which remove hundreds of pounds of trash from local beaches along the California coastline.

Save Our Shores

Save Our Shores is a non-profit marine conservation organization in Santa Cruz, CA. Their mission is to care for the marine environment through ocean awareness, advocacy, and citizen action. Save Our Shores presents in over 60 classrooms and are reaching over 1,300 students in 2013. In 2012 they had over 8,100 volunteers participate in at least one shoreline cleanup, removing 22,500 lbs of trash and recyclables from our beaches and rivers.

Visit Save Our Shores website.

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