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Lawn Fertilizer

Product Details

TerraCycle? Lawn Fertilizer is naturally formulated to quickly green your lawn without any harmful environmental impacts when used as directed. TerraCycle Lawn Fertilizer works by providing two primary nutrients, naturally, for optimal turf growth. TerraCycle Lawn Fertilizer is a blend of liquefied worm poop and a natural plant food concentrate. Our worm poop is made by feeding organic waste to millions of worms that consume and process the material.

A super concentrated version of TerraCycle?s Worm Poop Plant Food specially formulated for your Lawn. TerraCycle Lawn Fertilizer is a all-natural, certified non-toxic way to keep your lawn healthy and green all summer. Our Lawn Fertilizer has a Nitrogen Boost that makes it perfect for any type of grass or turf. It comes packaged in two reused 1-liter bottles, with a hose attachment for easy application. The concentrate automatically mixes in the bottle and easily feeds up to 5,000 square feet!