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Orchid Plant Food

Product Details

TerraCycle Orchid Plant Food is an all natural, ready-to-use plant food that encourages blooming, richer colors, and lasting beauty. Orchids require an environment with a specific variety of nutrients. When grown indoors, orchids rely on you to provide these nutrients. Feeding your plants with TerraCycle Orchid Plant Food will provide your plants with the primary nutrients they need. With TerraCycle, you will be able to enjoy gorgeous blooms rising above vigorous foliage. We create TerraCycle Orchid Plant Food by feeding organic waste to millions of worms. The worms consume and process the material to create worm poop. We liquefy the worm poop into a natural plant food that enhances plant growth and plant vigor. Thirty percent of the nitrate nitrogen in TerraCycle Orchid Plant Food is derived from nitrate of soda.

This product is packaged in a used soda bottle that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill. TerraCycle collects many of these used soda bottles by running local bottle collection fundraisers. If you would like to help in this recycling effort.