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Gum Packaging Brigade®

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Recicla y suprarrecicla tu basura con TerraCycle TerraCycle®

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We are not currently accepting new locations in the Gum Packaging Brigade program. Please check back soon for further updates.

Please click here for a list of programs that you can sign up for today!

Current participants can download the TerraCycle "Collect, Store and Ship Guide" for tips and tricks that will make the collection process simple and mess-free. Also check out our Gum Packaging Brigade Poster and Gum Packaging Brigade Thermometer Poster to help promote your efforts and keep track of your collections.

Gum Packaging Brigade accepted waste: paper gum wrappers, foil gum wrappers, plastic gum trays, foil gum trays, plastic gum packages, cardboard gum packages, gum multipack bags, cardboard gum boxes, plastic gum dispenser.