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Herb Plant Food


TerraCycle® Herb Plant Food is a natural, ready-to-use plant food for herbs. There is no need to mix with water - simply pour on soil. TerraCycle® Herb Plant Food has a blend of the three primary nutrients for optimal herb growth. Feeding your herbs with TerraCycle® Herb Plant Food will yield an abundant harvest of culinary herbs with magnificent flavor. We create TerraCycle® Herb Plant Food by feeding organic waste to millions of worms that consume and process the material to create worm poop. We liquefy the worm poop into a natural plant food that enhances plant growth and plant vigor.

TerraCycle® Fertilizers are the products that started the upcycling revolution. With special formulations for each type of plant, gardeners are sure to find one of TerraCycle's organic fertilizers that will suit their needs.