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Ice Melt


TerraCycle® Ice Melt Away uses Magnesium Chloride and natural Zeolites to provide a safer ice melting and traction solution. M By weight, it contains 1/3 less chloride than many common ice melters and is less corrosive to concrete and metals, safer to use around vegetation and pets, and non-irritating to the skin. Zeolites are natural micro-porous volcanic minerals which provide extremely effective traction control as a result of their large irregular surface area. The Zeolites we use are derived from all-natural processes. Zeolites have many uses, including as an animal feed supplement, and a soil amendment to retain water and plant nutrients. Don't be left out in the cold - try TerraCycle Ice Melt today!

Each jug of ice melt weighs 7.25 lbs and is packed in a reused 1-gallon milk jug.