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Seed Starter


Easy-to-Use: Ready-to-use, just plant your seed and grow. Organic: All natural ingredients. Eco-friendly: Packaged in a tray made from 100%: recycled paper and contains pure worm poop which is made from organic waste. Burn-Proof: Has just the right amount of NPK to keep your plants fertilized while they grow. Where to use: Indoors or in a greenhouse. How to use: Place your seed in the cell, water frequently and watch it grow. Once it is ready to transplant simply rip off the cell and plant the entire cell. The tray will biodegrade over time.

TerraCycle Fertilizers are the products that started the upcycling revolution. With special formulations for each type of plant, gardeners are sure to find one of TerraCycle's organic fertilizers that will suit their needs.