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Weed & Grass Killer


TerraCycle® Weed & Grass Killer is naturally formulated to quickly and conveniently invigorate your garden. Simply point and spray onto the weeds.TerraCycle Weed & Grass Killer works by killing all weeds naturally, without harming your plants. Scientific testing has proven that TerraCycle Weed & Grass Killer will rid your plants of all types of garden weeds. TerraCycle Grass Killer is guaranteed not to damage your plants, while giving you a strong, robust, weed free garden. Apply TerraCycle Weed & Grass Killer as directed to achieve a weed free beautiful garden.

About TerraCycle®...While at Princeton University, Tom Szaky had a revolutionary vision - what if he could take waste such as a soda bottle, save it from landfills, and reuse it? He continues to revolutionize how products like this one are made. TerraCycle offers fundraising programs where we actually pay you for your waste.