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TerraCycle in der Presse

Hier findet ihr die aktuellsten Artikel über TerraCycle aus Zeitschriften, Zeitungen und Blogs.

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Chippin’ In – Garland PTA fundraiser bags field trip cash

What have juice, cookies, or chips done for your schools, recently? Well, if your kids go to Garland Elementary, over the last year, the Parent Teacher Association has been collecting these empty bags, as well as Malt-O-Meal cereal bags, to … Lies den ganzen Artikel

The Tremonton Leader · Apr 5, 2010

TerraCycle’s line for Walmart takes the guilt out of junk food

There’s nothing like shelf placement by a mass market retailer to bring an eco-friendly product from the fringe to the mainstream. When Target started carrying Method cleaning products in 2004, the biodegradable and nontoxic household cleansers stood out like a sore … Lies den ganzen Artikel

The Red, White, and Green · Apr 4, 2010

Southborough students have recycling in the bag

Students at Woodward Elementary School are learning the meaning of the adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” In the students’ case, the trash consists of discarded juice pouches. For one New Jersey-based company, the little unwanted pouches represent … Lies den ganzen Artikel

Wicked Local: Southborough · Apr 4, 2010

Juice Pouch Recycling

Teacher Web · Apr 4, 2010

From Refuse to Riches

Reader's Digest Chinese Edition · Apr 1, 2010

Terracycle Green Up Shop

WordPress · Mar 31, 2010

Greenup! pop-up shop opens at Port Authority

Time Out New York · Mar 31, 2010